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Online Advertising & Lead Generation

The Online Advertising & Lead Generation Course is an intensive 75+ hours and 23 modules program, covering Concept Building, in hand Practical Experience and Experiential Learning. The course provides hands-on exposure of Online Advertising & Lead Generation Skills and 55+ Industry Must-Know tools.










Online Advertising and Lead Generation Course

Online Advertising and Lead Generation are continuously evolving with time. To stay in competition and to dominate the market share one have to stay updated and well versed with the latest concepts, trends, tools, technologies and Strong lead generation process.

Our Online Advertising and Lead Generation Course Curriculum is updated and designed to meet the industries current demand. Our extensive training methodology make you learn various Online Advertising and Lead Generation techniques and Skills through 23 imperative Modules.

The Program have 03 levels, it starts with Essential 06 modules, followed by Specialised 11 & 06 Modules of Online Advertising and Lead Generation respectively.

Why to Join Our Online Advertising and Lead Generation Course?

Learning professional skills and techniques to generate high-quality sales leads online is the best investment one can make, as no business today can achieve a sustainable growth without effective Online Advertising and Lead Generation Strategy and its implementation.

Since 2010, have successfully trained Higher Authorities, Professionals, Student, and Entrepreneurs, helped them to learn in-depth Online Advertising and Lead Generation Concepts with hands-on exposure managing live campaigns.

The course is designed by combining the endorsements & suggestions of Entrepreneurs and Top Management to add an edge to your skills.

This Online Advertising and Lead Generation training course is designed to help you learn how experts generate leads for b2c, b2b and local businesses and how to generate more leads and sales using various lead generation concepts, tools and techniques online.



Module 1: Intro to Online Marketing
Module 2: Basics of SEM
Module 3: Basics of SMM
Module 4: Online Graphic Designing
Module 5: Landing Page
Module 6: Web Analytics

Online Advertising

Module 7: Introduction to Paid Marketing
Module 8: Google Ads
Module 9: Bing Ads
Module 10: Facebook Advertising
Module 11: Remarketing & Recall Ads
Module 12: Advanced FB Advertising Strategy
Module 13: Linkedin Advertising
Module 14: Twitter Advertising
Module 15: Video Advertising
Module 16: Online Traffic Buying
Module 17: Online Media Buying

Lead Generation & CRO

Module 18: Customer Persuasion Science
Module 19: Email Marketing
Module 20: Lead Generation
Module 21: Conversion Rate Optimization
Module 22: Measuring Lead & Conversion Rate
Module 23: Marketing Automation

Salient Features

Assistance for Business

Business owners and staff should join Online Advertising and Lead Generation Course to learn how to launch ad campaigns and generate leads on small budgets with limited-to-no Digital Marketing Skills and engage target customers in real time using tactics and techniques in their business during the course.

Assistance for Professionals

Learn the Most rewarding skills Online Advertising and Lead Generation to exploit the growth opportunities and better salary. Implement the techniques and tactics on your job’s live projects during the course to enhance your value among teammates and After the completion of course one have huge pool of opportunities to earn and grow as freelancer.

Assistance for Students

Online Advertising and Lead Generation skills have tremendous opportunities for UnderGraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate students today. Apart from creating career in using these specialized skills, one can learn and start earning online on course completion as Freelancer.

Assistance for Startup

Online Advertising and Lead Generation Skills are perfect combination for startup. Learn, implement & achieve the growth rapidly using tactics & technique learned while pursuing the course.

Conversion Rate Assistance

Generate high-quality sales leads and ensure the competitive edge. Learn and use skills to Measuring Lead & Conversion Rate using web analytics for your Business while pursuing the course, use data to make insight-driven decisions to grow your business with confidence.

100% Placement Assistance

The 100% Placement Assistance helps you to find suitable jobs and positions, helps you to prepare for interviews, career counselling, guidance on writing resume, fills out job applications forms etc. 100% Placement Support is available to students who maintain above 90% attendance, have healthy participation in all Assignments and will clear Needed Certificates.

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