Build Few Stronger Pages or Create Lots of Pages – Content Creation Around Keywords

content creation around keywords

Different Website Content strategy are appropriate for different goals and situations, in nut shell we are talking about how to strategize content creation around keywords and supporting keywords.

Content Creation Around Keywords

The question is about keyword targeting, content creation around keywords and whether all related keywords should be included in an article targeting the one main keyword or if those additional keywords should be separated and targeted separately.

Here is a Question :

“I have a question about the ecommerce website… We create content based on the keyword suggestions, autocomplete by Google to include more content around the one main topic.
For example, the main topic or transactional intent is smartphones and we’re going to create tech related content around the smartphone, like blog posts.
Should we really need to create separate content or separate keywords around one topic or is just combining all different keywords in one intent and optimize all our content around this intent.”

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Important Information w.r.t the Above Question :-

  • The person who asked the question mentioned a one-word keyword (smartphones) with “transactional intent.”
  • These broad keywords, in general, do not have a transactional intent.
  • These types of keywords fall under what some refer to as commercial investigation intent, where someone is looking for reviews or models, for example.
  • When someone is ready to buy, they use longer keyword phrases that indicate their intent to buy.

Here is an Answer :

“You can do it either way, it’s more of a strategic decision, I think.
In general, what you are balancing is making pages that are specific for individual topics and making pages that are more general but where you have fewer pages. So you’re kind of balancing many pages versus fewer pages.
And if you have fewer pages, generally those few pages tend to be a little bit stronger.
Whereas if you have a lot of pages then it’s like the value is spread out a little bit more.
So if there are specific topics where the competition is stronger then you want to have very strong pages, so maybe fewer pages.
If you are targeting areas where the competition is not so strong then maybe having more pages is fine.
So that’s kind of the balance that you would try to take there.
If you’re starting out, probably having fewer pages is a good idea so that you can be as strong as possible in that area.
And then over time as you see like we’re very good here, you can split off individual pages for more niche topics.”

John Mueller, Google

How to Make Google Prefer the Important Content

Can one make Google prioritise their most important content with transactional intent if he creates all of this content. “Of course the answer is NO….., but yes you can help google with internal linking.”

“You can’t give any priority for them but you can help with internal linking.
So within your website you can really highlight the pages that you want to have highlighted more and make sure that they’re really well-linked internally.
And maybe the pages you don’t find that important make sure that they’re a little less well-linked internally.
…Usually with internal linking you can think of it as the important pages you would have linked from your home page and the less important pages are linked from like a category or subcategory page, something like that.
So that when we look at your site we see, oh the home page is very important and the home page points at these five pages, so these five pages are almost as important as the home page and then from there kind of the value is spread out.
And that’s kind of the way that you can help us to figure out which pages you think are important.
It doesn’t mean we will always follow that. But it’s a good way to give that kind of information.”

John Mueller, Google

How to Pick the Best Content Strategy For Google

Many publishers have a conversion-focused page and a less-focused informational page that may drive traffic back to the conversion-focused page using content creation around keywords Strategy but sometimes things go sideways and Google might begin preferring the less important page.

The Internal linking patterns are one way to give Google a clue about which page is more important, and if it is difficult to gain external links to those vital sites, the less important pages can work as link magnets, attracting links to themselves and then linking back to the crucial pages. As a result, the internal linking points to the crucial website in support of it all the time.

So, deciding whether to build a few large, powerful pages or a slew of smaller, weaker pages requires even more nuance than keyword targeting. Those “less important” topics are sometimes the most popular in terms of links. Another important point John makes is that when a site is first starting out, it may be beneficial to focus on building stronger pages that can be promoted more easily, and then when the site is more established, to grow the site to the next stage.


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