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Digital Marketing Course

Learn the digital marketing, and help grow your business or career.

The Digital Marketing Course is an Advance, Intensive Ten Level program having 66+ modules and 150+ hours of practical sessions, covering Concept Building, in hand Practical Experience and Experiential Learning. The course provides hands-on exposure of Client handling, Project handling, Online Earning Skills and 100+ Industry Must-Know tools.









Digital Marketing Course

The Advance Digital Marketing course is a combination of intense managerial skills and cutting edge technical skills. The objective of the course is to provide advance, best and innovative digital marketing solutions for the enhancement in Business of Individual or of a Company.

Digital marketing skills are critical for anyone working in a business with an online presence, includes entrepreneurs, marketing managers, marketing specialists, and small business owners.

Digital Marketing Skills you will Learn

  • Business Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Web optimisation
  • Online & Offline Marketing Integration
  • Analytics & data insights.

The strong commitment to providing quality learning makes the course unique. Digital Marketing Course Curriculum is regularly updated and encourage every individual to achieve excellence to meet their goals.

The Advance Digital Marketing Course Curriculum starts with Basic Essential Digital Marketing Modules followed by Core Modules that will help one to master the Digital Marketing Skills. The Online Earning Level, Client & Project Handling Modules will help you to learn the real picture of the Market and will prepare you for upcoming challenges.

Why to Join Digital Marketing Course?

Digital marketing has become the essential part of any organizations and businesses. It has opened a lot of career options, Not just in metropolitan cities, but small towns has also witnessed the huge demand of Digital marketing professionals, Improving your digital knowledge can help you to Grow Business, find a job, get promoted, or start a whole new career or Business.

Manage Business

The Digital marketing course, is one of the best ways to acquire digital skills fast. Moreover, Various researches have clearly indicated that the Business Owned, Managed or Run by the Professionals who pursue digital marketing course have great advantage in any Industry, as they are performing better.

Getting Certified

Certificate shows employers that you are sincere about your Job & have a clear understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. Improving your digital knowledge can help you get promoted, or start a whole new career.

Practical Experience

Master the skills of digital marketing with this advance digital marketing course full of practical exercises and real-world examples, designed by combining the endorsements & suggestions of Entrepreneurs and Top Management of various organizations to add an edge to one’s profile & help turn knowledge into action.

The best thing about learning Suvidit Academy (Digital Marketing Institute) Digital Marketing Course is there is no eligibility Criteria. People from any field can do this course. As far as skills are concerned, you must be familiar with the computer and should be passionate about online work. Digital Marketing Aspirant will learn everything about the best ways to develop a brand, whether it is for a product, service or organization. Also, they will get great confidence in setting the strategic direction for a brand and maintain the health of the brand throughout its lifecycle.

Salient Features

Most Advance & in Depth Course

Suvidit Academy’s Digital Marketing Course is an advance and practical course with 66+ Modules that include the Digital marketing right from the Basics to the Advance to help the aspirants to learn, to experience and to implement their best ideas using 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts.

Digital Marketing Course Certificates

Digital Marketing Course is Aligned to Top 5 Digital Marketing certifications i.e Google Ads and Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Hootsuite and HubSpot

One to One Sessions

Interactive one to one sessions helps the individual to learn and implement the his best ideas using 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts.

Live Practical Sessions

Live training sessions help digital marketing aspirants to understand the nuances of topic in depth. The live sessions throughout the digital marketing course for every Topic will help to learn & practice the core digital marketing skills and will prepare one for upcoming challenges.

Doubt Clearing Sessions & Backup Classes

You can anytime ask for the doubt session or you can book a slot. In case, you miss any of your class you can take the backup class for the same.

Assistance for Business

Business owners will learn to implement cost-effective strategy to reach and engage their target customers in real time using digital marketing tactics and techniques in their business while pursuing the digital marketing course.

Assistance for Startup

Survival is the key, startup’s can learn, implement & achieve the growth using Growth Hacking and other digital marketing tactics & technique learned to achieve the goals within limited budget.

Assistance for Professionals

Apart from Learning the most rewarding skills of digital marketing & Implementing the techniques and tactics on live projects during the digital marketing course, Learn how to exploit the growth, Handle Client & Manage the Projects.

On completion of course one have excellent opportunity to get promoted & get a high package or there is huge pool of opportunities to earn and grow as freelancer or to launch a startup.

100% Placement Assistance

The 100% Placement Assistance & career counselling for Graduates & Under Graduates help you to find suitable jobs and positions. The Course have a module that help you to prepare for Interviews, Writing Resume & Fills out Job applications forms etc.

Weekday/ Weekend/ Sunday Only Batch

The Time crunch shouldn’t hamper your future, special flexible timing will help you to join the training and achieve your Goals. You can join the digital marketing course at your ease.

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

Advanced & Best Digital Marketing Course for Freshers, Working Professional, Freelancers & Business Owners with 66+ Advance course Modules.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Module 1 : Introduction to Digital Marketing
Module 2 : Inbound Marketing
Module 3 : Planning, Writing & Developing Web Content
Module 4 : Video Creation & Marketing
Module 5 : Professional Blogging
Module 6 : Website Planning & Creation
Module 7 : Social Media Marketing
Module 8 : Search Engine Marketing
Module 9 : Online Advertising
Module 10 : Email & Direct Message Marketing
Module 11 : Campaign Planning & Leads Generation
Module 12 : Marketing Automation
Module 13 : Web Analytics & Traffic Reporting
Level 1 Project : Creating Online Presence
Level 1 Test : Digital Marketing Basic Certificate

Advance Search Engine Marketing

Module 14 : Introduction to SEM
Module 15 : Basic Understanding of HTML
Module 16 : Keywords Planning & Research
Module 17 : Local Search Engine Optimization
Module 18 : On Page Search Engine Optimization
Module 19 : Off Page Search Engine Optimization
Module 20 : Content Optimization for SEO
Module 21 : International SEO
Module 22 : AMP & SEO for Mobile
Module 23 : Webmaster Tools
Level 2 Project : Get found on Search Results
Level 2 Test : Search Engine Marketing Certificate

Advance Social Media Marketing

Module 24 : Introduction to SMM
Module 25 : Social Media Strategy & Management
Module 26 : Social Media Content Planning
Module 27 : Facebook Marketing
Module 28 : Instagram Marketing
Module 29 : Twitter Marketing
Module 30 : LinkedIn Marketing
Module 31 : Quora Marketing
Module 32 : Online Reputation Management
Level 3 Project : Interact with Target Audience
Level 3 Test : Social Media Marketing Certificate

Mobile Marketing

Module 33 : Planning Mobile App
Module 34 : App-based marketing
Module 35 : App Store Promotion
Module 36 : In-game mobile marketing
Module 37 : IVR & SMS Marketing
Level 4 Project : Enhance Communication
Level 4 Test : Mobile Marketing Certificate

Advance Online Advertising

Module 38: Introduction to Online Advertising
Module 39: Online Media Buying
Module 40 : Online Traffic Buying
Module 41 : Search Engine Ads
Module 42 : Social Media Ads
Module 43 : Display Ads
Module 44 : Mobile Ads
Module 45 : Email Ads
Level 5 Project : Generate Quality Leads
Level 5 Test : Online Advertising Certificate

Integrating Digital with Offline

Module 46 : CRM
Module 47 : Interacting across Platforms
Module 48 : Advance Inbound Marketing
Level 6 Project : Enhance your Targeting
Level 6 Test : Inbound Certificate

Advance Web Analytics

Module 49 : Intro to Various Web Analytics
Module 50 : Advance Google Analytics
Module 51 : Yandex Metrica
Module 52 : Tag Manager & Event Tracking
Module 53 : Data Driven Decisions
Level 7 Project : Outsmart Competitors
Level 7 Test : Web Analytics Certificate

Experiential Marketing

Module 54 : Conversion Rate Optimization
Module 55 : Customer Persuasion Science
Module 56 : Growth Hacking
Module 57 : A/B Testing
Level 8 Project : Your Audience Behaviour
Level 8 Test : Growth Hacking Certificate

Earning Online

Module 58 : Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing
Module 59 : Earn as Affiliate Marketer
Module 60 : Making Money With Blogging
Module 61 : Earn as a Digital Marketing Freelancer
Module 62 : Ecommerce Marketing
Module 63 : Google AdSense
Level 9 Project : Earn Digitally
Level 9 Test : Ecommerce Marketing Certificate

Business & Career Skills

Module 64 : Project Management & Mentoring for Campaigns
Module 65 : Strategic Marketing & Client Management
Module 66 : Interview Preparation
Final Project : 360 Degree Digital Presence & Promotion
Final Test : Advance Digital Marketing Certificate


What Digital Marketers says about Digital Marketing Course !!!

Digital Marketing Course

Yogesh Kumar

5 star review

I’ve attended digital marketing sessions with Rahul, he is straight to the point and doesn’t over complicate anything and his whole approach to digital marketing is innovative and takes away the opinion that you need to spend a fortune on online marketing, or that only a professional digital marketer can work out how to make an online business work. With the correct knowledge and strategy it is something almost anyone can do, no matter what your business offers.

Anmol Student testimonial


5 star review

The experience has been very stupendous as the teaching is so interactive that it went to realise, explore and learn many things from the single course. It takes you from the basic understanding of the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who want to learn digital marketing online since it is one of the best course.

5 star review

This course is what you can get anywhere but the teaching here is hard to find. The session are so informative and useful as it involves you in setting goals which are a bit challenging but it’s when you learn more profoundly. I found this course to be highly relevant to anyone who would proceed in digital marketing.

Ankit Student testimonial

Ankit Sharma

5 star review

Rahul sir have very good teaching method explain each topic in detail, he corrected my flaws and mistakes. Thank you sir for your valuable Support and deep insights about digital marketing and Industry.

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