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The Most Advanced Digital marketing training for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners is designed specifically for helping them to be acquainted with each and every aspect of digital marketing.

This program is intend to bring clarity on how to make a profitable return to your business through digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs help Business Owners to learn and manage the digital marketing activities with team or agency to achieve their business goals.

Promote Business Globally

Create Brand Online

Generate Genuine Leads

Retail business to E-commerce

Enhance Growth & ROI

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Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs Curriculum

Advanced & Best Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners with 33 Advance course Modules.

Digital Marketing Introduction

Module 1 : Digital Marketing Overview
Module 2 : Online Business Goals
Module 3 : Target Market / Audience
Module 4 : Digital Consumer Journey
Module 5 : Customer Experience

Data Driven Decisions

Module 6 : Collecting Data
Module 7 : Analysing Data / Reports
Module 8 : Decisions Making

Create Online Presence

Module 09 : Branding
Module 10 : Content Managment
Module 11 : Website Managment
Module 12 : APPS Managment
Module 13 : Profiles Managment

Interact with Target Audience

Module 14 : Social Media Marketing
Module 15 : Direct Marketing
Module 16 : Calander Planning

Get More Customers

Module 17 : Search Engine Marketing
Module 18 : Content Optimization
Module 19 : Lead Generation

Beat the Competition

Module 20 : Search Engine Ads
Module 21 : Social Media Ads
Module 22 : Media & Traffic Buying

Enhance Your Targeting

Module 23 : Integrated Marketing Strategy
Module 24 : Conversion Rate Optimization
Module 25 : Marketing Automation

Experiential Marketing

Module 26 : Growth Hacking
Module 27 : Customer Persuasion Science
Module 28 : A/B Testing

Budget Managment & Audit

Module 29 : Budget Planning
Module 30 : Digital Marketing Audit
Module 31 : Online Reputation Management

Hiring Methodology

Module 32 : Team Management
Module 33 : Agency Management

Every Business is Shifting Towards Digital

Online presence is key for companies that want to succeed!

Digital marketing is changing the way that business operates. Business owners that are not taking advantage of digital marketing are definitely missing out. Digital marketing has the potential to take your business to the next level. It allows businesses, especially small businesses to expand more easily while earlier with traditional marketing this was a small possibility.

Organizations that boast a great online presence through digital marketing see many benefits. From increased brand recognition to better customer experiences, having an online presence is key for companies that want to succeed.

Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs will help the Business Owners to Manage the Shift successfully.

Why Business choosing Digital Marketing and Business Owners choosing Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs

You will start implementing digital marketing strategies & tactics within a few weeks of Joing the Course.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing Training for entrepreneurs have Ten Level Advance Digital Marketing Course have 33 modules and 150+ hours of practical sessions will help the Business Owners or Managers as following

  • Set up their our 360 degree Digital Marketing presence.
  • Hire and Manage the Digital Marketing Agencies at ease.
  • Hire and Manage the inhouse Digital Marketing Team efficiently.
  • Will able to plan the budgets and ROI more clearly.

“Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs” align Business Owners to the digital marketing in depth & help them to make decisions fast and accurate.

Assistance while Perusing Course

Assistance For Business Owners

Business owners will learn to implement cost-effective strategy to reach and engage their target customers in real time using digital marketing tactics and techniques while pursuing this marketing course.

Assistance For Startup

Survival is the key, startup’s can learn, implement & achieve the growth using Growth Hacking and other digital marketing tactics & technique learned to achieve the goals within limited budget.

Most Advance & In Depth Courses

Suvidit Academy’s Digital Marketing Training is an advance and practical course with 33 Modules that include the Digital marketing right from the understanding necessary Basics Business Nuances to the Advance Digital Marketing Business Skills to help the business Owners to learn, to experience and to implement the best strategy to achieve the desired business goals.

Salient Features

One to One Sessions

Interactive one to one sessions helps the individual to learn and implement the his best ideas using 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts.

Weekday/ Weekend/ Sunday Only Batch

The Time crunch shouldn’t hamper your future, special flexible timing will help you to join the training and achieve your Goals. You can join the digital marketing training at your ease.

Online Batches & Sessions

Online Digital Marketing Training batches and Sessions are also Available, The batches timings are also very much flexible for Early in Morning or Late Evening.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

You can anytime ask for the doubt session or you can book a slot. In case, you miss any of your class you can take the backup class for the same.

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