Google Has Moved Away From 200 Ranking Signals Number

google ranking signals

Google has “moved away from the 200 ranking signals number”, 200 Ranking signals cannot be sorted in order of importance on a spreadsheet.

Google Ranking Signals

While many people still believe in ranking factors, Google has evolved beyond ranking factors to include things like Natural Language Processing, BERT, Neural Matching, AI spam fighting, and many other algorithms.

Not only that, but by 2005, Google was already incorporating statistical analysis to distinguish between normal sites and outliers that tended to be spam, Statistical analysis is not a traditional ranking factor, but it did play a role in ranking.

While scoring points against a list of ranking factors made sense in the past, the concept of a list of ranking factors to focus on for better rankings has lost some relevance in 2021 due to how search rankings are calculated in modern search engines today.

Which Ranking Factors are Most Important?

Typically, Googlers have stated that the most important ranking factor is content. But that’s not the case today.

“I don’t like to rank ranking signals. So I can’t give you an answer there.
And… the other small thing there is we’ve kind of moved away from the over 200 ranking signals number, because it feels like even having a number like that is kind of misleading in the sense that, Oh Google has a spreadsheet with all of the ranking signals and they can just sort them by importance and tell me which ones they are.
And that’s definitely not the case.
Like… a lot of these things just take into account so many different things, you can’t just isolate them out.”

John Mueller, Google

No More Top Ranking Factors?

Ranking signals could not be listed and sorted by importance as the search community believes, there is a deep insight by John Mueller into ranking factors by stating that the signals cannot be listed and sorted by importance.


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