Learn Fundamental to Advance Digital Marketing in Dehradun

Learn Fundamental to Advance Digital Marketing in Dehradun

Learn Fundamental to Advance Digital Marketing in Dehradun in 90 days in one Course

About this course

Learn the fundamental to advance of digital marketing and progress to the next level with an Interactive Digital Marketing course and training in Dehradun. There are over 60 modules to explore, all created with the input from industry top management and experts, and all packed with practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.


  • Modules : 60+
  • Hours : 150 + Practice
  • 100+ industry must-know tools
  • Case Studies : 5+

Why to learn the Digital Marketing Training and get certified

Improve the CV

Obtaining certification demonstrates to employers that you have a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of digital marketing. You can also include the qualification in your CV and easily add it to your LinkedIn profile.

Find a job

Becoming certified demonstrates that you have strong digital skills and are eager to learn, both of which are important qualities in the workplace. Demonstrating these qualities can increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Develop your career

Improving your digital knowledge can help you land a job, advance in your current position, or launch a new career.

How it works

Suvidit Academy Offers following Course & Training

The curriculum begins with Fundamentals, followed by Core Modules that will assist one in mastering Digital Marketing Skills. The Online Earning, Campaign, and Project Management Modules will assist you in understanding the true picture of the Market in a timely manner and will prepare you for upcoming challenges.

The course is distinguished by its strong commitment to providing high-quality education. The Digital Marketing Course Curriculum is regularly updated, and we encourage everyone to strive for excellence in order to achieve their goals.

Skills you’ll learn

  • Analytics and data insights :- In this Analytics primer, we’ll show you how to collect, analyse, and turn user data into actionable insights.
  • Business strategy :- Learn how to set and track specific goals, segment audiences, and analyse data to improve your online marketing efforts.
  • Content Marketing :- Create and distribute high-value content to potential customers to increase brand awareness and conversions.
  • Display Advertising :- Get your display ads noticed online by identifying the right audiences, ad networks, and strategies.
  • E-Commerce :- All of the strategies and tools you’ll need to create an online store, sell effectively online, and improve the user experience.
  • Email Marketing :- Learn email marketing in detail, such as how to track responses, create simple landing pages, and use A/B testing.
  • Local Marketing :- Reach out to and engage potential customers in your area by utilising local directories, mobile marketing, and establishing a local search presence.
  • Mobile :- Learn the distinctions between mobile sites and apps, as well as how to create the most effective mobile SEO and advertising strategies.
  • SEM :- Learn about the various research tools available, as well as how to choose keywords and optimise campaigns for a higher return, in this Google Ads primer.
  • SEO :- Learn the distinctions between organic and paid search, as well as how to create the most effective SEO strategy and optimise web pages so that users can find content more easily.
  • Social Media :- Learn how to choose the right social networking sites, create great content that users will enjoy, and track your progress.
  • Video :- Learn how to incorporate video into an online strategy, how to create video ads on a budget, and how to ensure they are seen by the right people.
  • Web optimisation :- Determine which digital channels will assist you in meeting your business objectives and providing better online user experiences.

Success stories

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