Beginner’s guide to Search Console

Beginner’s guide to Search Console

Search Console is a Google tool that can assist anyone who has a website in understanding how their website is performing on Google Search, as well as what they can do to improve their appearance on search in order to drive more relevant traffic to their websites.

It provides information on how Google crawls, indexes, and serves websites, and it is accessible through the Search Console. This can assist website owners in tracking and optimising their search engine performance.

There is no requirement to log into the tool on a daily basis. If Google discovers any new issues on your site, you’ll receive an email from Search Console notifying you of the discovery. However, you may want to check your account once a month, or whenever you make changes to the site’s content, to ensure that the information is accurate and consistent. Learn more about how to manage your website using Google Search Console.

To get started, simply follow these instructions:

  • Verify site ownership : Verify that the site is owned by the intended party. Discover and use any and all of the information that Search Console makes available. Learn more about how to prove that you own a website in this article.
  • Make sure Google can find and read your pages : Check to see that Google can find and read your pages before publishing them. The index coverage report provides you with an overview of all of the pages on your website that Google has indexed or attempted to index. Examine the options available and make every effort to correct page errors and warnings.
  • Review mobile usability errors Google found on your site : Examine the mobile usability issues that Google discovered on your site. It is possible that issues with your site’s mobile usability will negatively impact your users’ experience while browsing your site on a mobile device.
  • Consider submitting a sitemap to Search Console : Submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console, this step is optional, as Google can discover pages from your site without it. However, submitting a sitemap through Search Console may help to increase the speed with which your site is discovered. If you choose to submit it through the tool, you’ll be able to keep track of any information that is associated with it. More information on the Sitemaps report can be found here.
  • Monitor your site’s performance : Keep an eye on the performance of your website. The Search performance report shows you how much traffic you’re receiving from Google Search, as well as how much traffic is coming from specific queries, pages, and countries. For each of those breakdowns, you can see trends in terms of impressions, clicks, and a variety of additional metrics.

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