Optimize your site for search engines

You can help Search engine understand your site and help the right people find it by following a few simple steps:

Be descriptive: Title your pages with accurate and descriptive words. Search engines think it’s best to put different topics, products, or services on different pages, with one topic or group of items on each page.

To be complete: Make sure to say everything that you can do for your clients. You don’t have to tell Search engine’s everything, Search engine is smart, but can’t guess what you don’t say.

Be topical: You should change your content to account for changes in the seasons, trends, and new products. Make sure that people see your ice cream in the summer and your hot chocolate (or coffee, or sandwiches) in the winter, when they won’t be looking for ice cream stores. This way, you’ll be able to make more money. If there is a new trend for kiwi ice cream and you have it in your store, show it off.

Keep your site up to date: As long as you haven’t made changes to your site since 1925, you should take down the references to Calvin Coolidge from your current events blog.

Use text: Keep your site’s content and page titles in text. Search engine doesn’t understand non-text formats as they understand text. The name of your site should also be in the text of each page.

Get referrals: Take advantage of useful places on the internet and get links to your site. Keep an eye out for online news sources that are relevant to your area and see if you can get in.

To improve your site, but don’t know how: The Digital Marketing Course or Digital Marketing Mentorship Program might be right for you if you think your site needs more help than you can give.


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